Acrylic Full Set with Polish £28
Acrylic Infill with Polish £18
Acrylic Full Set with Shellac (Gel Colour) £38
Acrylic Infill with Shellac (Gel Colour) £28
Gel Powder Full Set with Normal Polish £30
Gel Powder Infill with Normal Polish £20
Ombre Full Set £38
Ombre Infill £28
SNS Full Set £35
SNS Infill £28
Toe Nail Extension Full Set £30
Toe Nail Extension Infill £25
2 Big Toe £9
Take Off £13
Take Off Manicure £18
Take Off & Redo £5 + Full Set


File & Polish £8
Manicure £13
Manicure with Polish £15
Shellac / Gel Colours on Hands £20
Shellac Take Off & Redo on Hands £23
Shellac / Gel Colours Manicure £25


File & Polish £12
Shellac / Gel Colours on Toes £20
Shellac Take Off & Redo £25
Pedicure with Normal Polish £27
Pedicure with Shellac / Gel Colours £40


Nail Art from £3
White Tip & Colour Tip from £3
Gem & Diamond from £3


Eyebrow Wax £8
Eyebrow Tinting £7
Upper Lip Wax £5
Under Arm Wax £9

Nail Care

After Care For Your Nails

  • When lifting anything, use the pads of your fingers not the tips of your nails.
  • Always use cuticle oil to keep cuticles unattached and nails fed.
  • Always wear protective gloves when gardening and doing DIY jobs.
  • Some suntan lotions or hair perm can dissolve your nail polish.

Maintenance Programme

Your natural nails will continue to grow with the enhancement and a small gap will appear which will require filling. The costs and frequency varies and are best discussed with a technician, it is usually required every 2/3 weeks.